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The Political Science Students Association's mandate is to represent the interests of the 1800 constituents registered in the McGill Political Science program. The executive team hosts both academic and social events, planning numerous opportunities to enhance the political science student experience at McGill University. 

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Ida Mahmoudi

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Richad Hirani

Ida Mahmoudi

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Advising, Collaborations, Promotions:

Every year, seven executive members are elected by the political science student body to serve, represent, and defend the interests of those honours, majors, and minors students studying political science at McGill University. The team coordinates academic and social events and services, provides advising and support, and enhances the relationship between students, staff, and administration as student liaisons. The McGill PSSA is also responsible for the annual publishing of the MJPS, the McGill Journal of Political Studies, comprised of excellent research papers and analytical essays written by political science students. 

We have collaborated with numerous external organizations, from Stratus Prep to the Old Brewery Mission, working hard to ensure the political science experience at McGill is the most enjoyable. If you would like to collaborate with us on an upcoming event, or look to promote your organization through one of our marketing outlets, please contact us!

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