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Our events are as diverse as the constituents we represent. We host a variety of social and academic events, abiding by our commitment to environmental sustainability and inclusivity. From speaker series, to inter-departmental mixers, the PSSA ensures and encourages participation in these events to greater expand students' networks and personal development. 


Ottawa Trip
Professor Research Brunch: Winter Edition
Nothing But Nets: Charity Fundraiser for the Against Malaria Foundation


MJPS Launch and Professor Awards
Cram Jam Exam Prep Part 2: Winter Edition
Cookies & Coffee R Us Office Hour


Welcome Back Party 2.0 at Bar Des Pins


McGIll vs. Concordia Debate: Affirmative Action
Interdepartmental Mixer (ESA, IDSSA)
"The Rise of Islamism" (Egyptian Students' Association)


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Le Six: Presented by PSSA IDSSA ESA HSA DESA & SSA


We are officially back in business! After a long summer full of relaxation, the Political Science, International Development Studies, Economics, History, Department of English, and Sociology Students' Associations invite you to have drinks on us at St. Sulpice, meet some new friends, and party like its 1989!


Did we mention drinks on us? We will be serving UNLIMITED BEER between 9:30pm-10:30pm, so make sure you get here earlier rather than later ;)

If you don't fancy yourself some beer, you should still come out and meet some awesome people! This is a great opportunity to meet like-minded people outside of school at St. Sulpice's iconic terrace.

Come join us at St. Sulpice Friday night for drinks and some good laughs - we'll see you there!

PS: Anyone catch the pun on our new bookstore?

TICKETS (Sales starting Thursday September 15th):

A mere $3 for unlimited beer!

PSSA: Office - Leacock 420

IDSSA: Office - Leacock B31 (in basement)


Additional sales hours may be announced via the IDSSA Facebook page.

ESA: Office - Leacock 420


Additional sales hours may be announced via the ESA Facebook page.

HSA: Office - Leacock 629


Additional sales hours may be announced via the HSA Facebook group.

DESA: Office - Arts 305


Additional sales hours may be announced via the DESA Facebook page..

SSA: Office - Leacock 114C


Additional sales hours may be announced via the SSA Facebook Group


-St. Sulpice is NOT wheelchair accessible

-St. Sulpice WILL have gender neutral bathrooms from 9:30 to 10:30

-LIMITED non-alcoholic beverages (exclusively water or pop) will be served.